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Maker is a collection creation platform for creators on the PIPE protocol, offering tools to easily set up a collection mint. Maker is developed to mint collections exceeding 10,000 pieces.

Moreover, creators can set a sales price per collection, add a whitelist, and even incorporate royalties for each exchange on the marketplace (subject to the choice of each marketplace).

As for users, they will benefit from a few-clicks minting process, transparent fees, and additional advantages if they are $LANE holders.

The Alpha version of Maker will initially support only the Unisat wallet for security reasons. We will add support for other wallets after thorough testing. Only $LANE holders will have access to the 'creation' part of Maker during the first weeks of launch.

Our first collection will be released on Maker. We have decided to delay development to prioritize focusing on the wallet and marketplace. Date to be redefined..