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Levels is a unique gamified liquid staking platform integral to the $LANE utility system. It uniquely rewards holders with various levels based on their commitment.

What sets Levels apart is its liquid staking approach, where users aren't required to lock up their assets. This flexibility allows them to freely trade their assets as they see fit.

The platform operates on a straightforward level-based system, in which users are required to hold a specified amount of tokens or NFTs for a certain duration, known as the maturation phase. Additionally, they must pay a one-time staking activation fee in BTC for each project and address. If a user's balance falls below the required threshold during the maturation phase, the maturation timer is reset.

After completing the maturation phase, users gain access to levels and start earning offchain tokens with each Bitcoin block mined. These offchain tokens, which cannot be sold or transferred and have no monetary value, can be used to unlock items that offer various benefits.

Accumulating offchain tokens is crucial for unlocking items and advancing within the platform. The daily rate at which offchain tokens are earned is determined by the type and number of assets held, allowing users to progress by holding more assets. The platform monitors user balances in real time to ensure they maintain the necessary balance for their level access and offchain tokens.

If the balance drops below the required level, the user loses access, and their offchain tokens are reset to zero. However, if the balance decreases by one or more levels but remains above the minimum level required, the total offchain tokens are halved instead of being completely reset.

Levels can be linked to specific benefits, enabling creators to integrate user data seamlessly through an API request. The alpha version is already available for $LANE Holders.

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