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$LANE is the utility token of PIPELINE, which, when held in a certain amount, unlocks levels through Levels platform. This system rewards the most loyal holders with benefits across all products created by PIPELINE. The range of utilities is dynamic, growing with each new product or feature release. A list of these utilities will be maintained, though it may not be exhaustive.

The token could initially be minted for free on any minting platform at launch, and PIPELINE did not make any real profit from it. Every team member had to mint it like everyone else, using their own money. This is our way of building together.

To put it simply, holding a certain amount of $LANE is like having an Amazon Prime pass, unlocking a multitude of long-term benefits. These include reduced minting fees, alpha access round, unique product features, and even free NFTs or minting opportunities.

Total Supply: 2,100,000
In Circulation: 2,100,000
Holders Stats

Access and Activation

$LANE holders are granted access to a dynamic staking experience on the Levels platform, featuring five main levels—each with a distinct set of benefits and utilities, ranging from common to rare. From the Iron level, offering the most basic utilities, to the Platinum level, presenting the rarest utilities, each level is tailored to enhance the holder's experience. Activation for staking is completely free of charge, removing any barriers to entry for $LANE holders.

You can activate and track your staking on the Levels platform.

Maturation Period and XP Earnings

The maturation period for all levels is set at 14 days. After this period, holders start earning XP with each mined Bitcoin block. The amount of XP earned per Bitcoin block is determined by the holder’s level, with higher levels receiving a significant XP bonus, reflecting the commitment and investment of the holder in the $LANE ecosystem.

XP Earnings and Level Requirements